Web hosting reseller

ikona reseler zeleni


Unlimited number of CWP accounts
Unlimited E-mails
160GB SSD Disk
Unlimited bandwith
Unlimited number of FTP accounts
Unlimited number of databases
Data center located in USA

Radio hosting reseller

audio reseller


1 TB Auto-DJ
Unlimited listeners
Up to 320 KBPS
Unlimited bandwith
Select playlist order
Free Android application
Shoutcast stream V2

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As we would adapt to our client needs we offer few payment options. You can contact us directly via e-mail, whatsapp, viber and other social media services. (Pay via invoice, western union or money gram)

Why choose reseller hosting ?

The low cost and feature rich best reselling hosting from Server M gives a head-start to the working of your business.

Host Unlimited Websites

With CWP master management tool you can control a few very popular and resource-consuming sites and also, a huge number of smaller sites. CWP also allows you to create and manage multiple CWP accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

Enterprise Servers

Your reseller account is deployed on our enterprise grade servers, custom configured for reseller radio hosting services.

100% SSD Storage

If your choice is supreme speed then SSD storage is all you need. Traditional HDD drives take you nowhere, whereas websites stored on SSD servers speed up the performance of your website

Fast Network

Your services are deployed on a custom built global network, designed for law latency streaming.

CWP reseller

With every reseller hosting plan, fixed number of CWP accounts can be created. You can host multiple domains within a single CWP account. There is no restriction on the Sub-domain and Add-on domain that can be added under a single CWP account.

Reseller Support

Shoutcast and hosting accounts receive priority support, from a team of radio hosting experts, available around the clock.